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Welcome to H.I.T. Malaria, a scientific research and social nonprofit project by the Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation. 

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With 249 million cases recorded globally and 608,000 malaria-related deaths, healing people from this parasite is a tremendous endeavor, but thanks to remarkable advances in Holographic Information Transfer technology, and the collaboration with Regenesis, we feel we are up to the challenge. Join this wonderful community of extraordinary individuals. We work to provide universal, affordable healthcare, conserve the environment, and evolve and harmonize our lives. Working together, we can change the world, save millions of lives, and create a more sustainable and advanced society. We’re excited to explore the potential uses of this novel technology in a variety of fields, including agriculture, wellness, GVHD, autoimmune diseases, and perhaps the oncology sector.

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Join the family and make a positive impact on both yourself and the planet! Embrace the opportunity to give back and experience the rewarding feeling it brings. As a token of our appreciation, receive a remarkable Regenesis Quantum Dot bracelet equipped with groundbreaking Holographic Information Transfer technology.

Wearing the VIP “Regenesis-Core” H.I.T. Malaria, special edition bracelet will boost your metabolism because of its beneficial oxidant modulation function. Human oxidation is a complicated process that is essential to many physiological processes as well as general health. As you are aware, oxidation also causes aging, free radicals, and may cause several other diseases. We will support your well-being through “Regenesis Core” in the same way as you help IASC and the worldwide campaign to eradicate malaria, and many other plagues. Join the battle for affordable healthcare, inclusive solutions, scientific advancement, ethical practice

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Order now your VIP “Regenesis-Core” H.I.T. Malaria, special edition bracelet. Join us in making a difference! Your generous donations play a vital role in supporting our mission and empowering positive change.

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